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Comparison of naturally accumulated radiation

Comparison of naturally accumulated radiation-doses between RTL, BTL, OSL, and IRSL using white minerals from burnt archaeological materials and usefulness of RTL-dating from quartz extracts TETSUO HASHIMOTO,1* TAKASHI YAWATA 2 and MASATO TAKANO1 1Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Niigata University, Niigata 950-2181, Japan..

Mechanism of TT

the fast OSL component begs the question as to whether these are the centres used in the production of the ReOSL signal In this paper, possible explanations for the production of the dose-dependent ReOSL signal are explored Using a qualitative interpretation of the quartz OSL model put forward by Bailey (2001, 2004), predictions that would ...

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Quartz OSL and K-feldspar post-IR IRSL dating of loess in the Huangshui river valley, northeastern Tibetan plateau Article (PDF Available) in Aeolian Research 33 August 2018 with 413 Reads..

Application of single

Samples of quartz xenocrysts were extracted from the SP Crater basalt flows and dated using single-grain dating Analysis of the luminescence signals indicate they were dominated by medium- to slow-decaying OSL components, which can produce age underestimates if not removed In order to reduce their contribution, the fast component was ...

Red stimulated quartz OSL

Following Chruścińska etal (2018) and Palczewski & Chruścińska (2019) the stimulation of quartz at 620 nm allows a separation of the fast OSL component in thermally optically stimulated (TM-OSL) mode Red OSL at 620 nm is now available for lexsyg TL/OSL reader..

(PDF) Quartz OSL and K

Quartz OSL and K-feldspar post-IR IRSL dating of sand accumulation in the Lower Liao Plain (Liaoning, NE China) Article (PDF Available) March 2017 ...

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OSL dating - IRSL dating - Radiofluorescence - ESR dating of quartz - Pulsing (mixed mineral samples) Archaeology Flint and heated rocks - Ceramics and pottery - Unheated rock surfaces - Tooth enamel and quartz grains - Sediment dating..

Optically Stimulated Luminescence

Another way of dating glacial landforms is optically stimulated luminescence dating (OSL) OSL is used on glacial landforms that contain sand, such as sandur or sediments in glacial streams The OSL signal is reset by exposure to sunlight, so the signal is reset to zero while the sand is being transported (such as in a glacial meltwater stream ...

OSL dating of fine

The objectives of this study are: (1) test whether fine grained quartz in present day suspended particle matter (SPM) is fully bleached or reset before deposition, (2) where possible, test quartz fine- and coarse-grain OSL dating against radiocarbon shell ages, (3) interpret the sediment transport processes through the differential bleaching of ...

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OSL is an acronym for Optically-Stimulated Luminescence Optically-Stimulated Luminescence is a late Quaternary dating technique used to date the last time quartz sediment was exposed to light As sediment is transported by wind, water, or ice, it is exposed to sunlight and zeroed of any previous ...

Optical stimulation (OSL)

All lexsyg smart and lexsyg research TL/OSL readers can be equipped with an interchangeable OSL unit containing up to three stimulation wavelengths These are provided by high power stimulation elements optionally as LEDs or laser diod The integration of photo diodes provides the feedback for power control of each individual element, guaranteeing a stable stimulation source, independent of ...

Comparison of paired quartz OSL and feldspar post

Comparison of paired quartz OSL and feldspar post-IR IRSL dose distributions in poorly bleached fluvial sediments from South Africa D Colarossi*, GAT Duller, HM Roberts, S Tooth, R Lyons Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, SY23 3DB, United Kingdom..

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We studied the characteristics of the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) signal of single-grain quartz from three sites in China, Italy, and Libya, including the brightness, decay curve and dose response curve (DRC) shapes, recuperation, and reproducibility We demonstrate the large variation in OSL behaviors for individual quartz grains of different samples from different regions, and ...

Testing single

Testing single-grain quartz OSL methods using sediment samples with independent age control from the Bordes-Fitte rockshelter (Roches d'Abilly site, Central France)..

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